SearchMonkey Media specializes in traffic generation via PPC Management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with Social Media, as well as Affiliate Marketing, Content Monetization and Site Development.

Search Monkey Media manages Search Marketing campaigns all over the world, from South Africa, Turkey and Croatia to Germany, Spain and France, the Unites States, the United Kingdom and Canada to South America to Russia and everywhere in between (see full list of countires where we have managed search campaigns). We utilize traditional search portals like Google, Yahoo, and MSN LIVE, to social media networks Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to local giants like Yandex and Baidu. Expand your PPC reach throughout the world with Search Monkey Media.

PPC Management
Increase your traffic while managing your ROI - that is the SearchMonkey Media promise. Take advantage our experience in driving quality traffic to your site or offer via PPC on google, Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook, and MySpace.

Affiliate Marketing
Do you have offers that need traffic? SearchMonkey Media has been driving high quality leads to affiliate offers for years. Contact us to discuss.
SEO Marketing
Increase organic traffic to your new or existing sites. We can help you take advantage of the latest techniques in increasing your PageRank, backlinks and on-page optimzation to mazimize free traffic to your site.
Social Media
Don't get left behind, Social Media is more than hype. We can drive exposure and clicks to your business via social media marketing utilizing the latest trends in marketing on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo and Hi5.
Content Monetization
Do you have high traffic properties that are not generating the CPM you require? Contact SearchMonkey Media to assist you in generating the highest revenue streams for your underperforming page views.
Site Development
We have developed hundreds of web sites for internal use and for clients. Contact us about building or improving your site, whether brochure or eCommerce.
Search Monkey Tip

Increase the page rank and exposure of your company by taking advantage of all of the social media and social profile sites. Make sure you have personal LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace site and hope that your name is available. Make sure to make your LinkedIn profile public (again, get your name as a vanity URL.

Next, create profiles in Google Profiles, Twitter and any other sites you may belong to like Youtube, ProjectPlaylist, MSN and others . Be sure to put all of your personal URLs to your social profiles and business web sites in all other social profiles. This will increase your name exposure and add valuable links to your business.