SearchMonkey Media specializes in traffic generation via PPC Management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with Social Media, as well as Affiliate Marketing, Content Monetization and Site Development.

About SearchMonkey Media

SearchMonkey Media was founded by Keith Kopinski in March of 2008. We specialize in PPC Management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Site Development.

We have years of experience in our specialties and have been at the forefront of online and Internet marketing and advertising for over a decade. SearchMonkey Media employs a tried methodology while at the same time testing and employing cutting edge strategy to provide the highest quality traffic to our partners and clients.

Keith Kopinski graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Economics. Keith began his career in direct and online marketing in 1997 at Publishers Clearing House. Keith was an initial member of the Online Division of PCH where he produced their first major online initiative and build-out. Keith was Senior Manager and Executive Producer of when they were spun from Publishers Clearing House as a separate business. In 2001 Keith started a consultancy advising new businesses on Search Marketing (SEM), SEO, Interface Usability, E-mail Marketing and Internet Commerce. In 2006 Keith consulted for Hot Rocket Marketing specializing in Search and Affiliate Marketing. In 2008, Keith was a founding member of Globalizer, LLC, and GlobalizerNetwork, the premier International affiliate network and social media marketing experts.

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Search Monkey Tip

Increase the page rank and exposure of your company by taking advantage of all of the social media and social profile sites. Make sure you have personal LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace site and hope that your name is available. Make sure to make your LinkedIn profile public (again, get your name as a vanity URL.

Next, create profiles in Google Profiles, Twitter and any other sites you may belong to like Youtube, ProjectPlaylist, MSN and others . Be sure to put all of your personal URLs to your social profiles and business web sites in all other social profiles. This will increase your name exposure and add valuable links to your business.